Mr. Steve Ballmer


Microsoft Corp.

One Microsoft Way

Redmond, WA 98052-6399


Dear Sir:



How did I end up here? I write to you on a Mac, since my PC (IBM/Lenovo T60) is inoperable using Window’s Vista Business software.

The computer is just a year old and has been productively in use about 1 month during that time. By way of Lenovo’s warranty, it has had nearly all parts replaced, HDD, planar card, DIMM, and yet still no joy when trying to use Vista OS, the computer is completely unstable, plagued by BSOD’s, cryptic messages from Windows—Message, Shadow, Host, etc., that render the computer useless. No online solutions are available from Microsoft, even after Vista’s SP1 was installed. I think you get the picture.

I would offer the following observations as a longtime (since 1987) Microsoft OS user:

·       I have switched over to Mac for personal and business computer requirements and solely due to the lack of reliable financial software for Mac, continue to run any PC with Windows at all

·       Amazingly, I am DOWNGRADING Vista OS to XP, hoping to make use of a $2000 laptop PC

·       My sister, and soon her kids, and my business partner have all switched to Macs; the implications of viral marketing are not lost on you

·       Current TV ads by Apple illuminate frustration of Vista’s shortcomings and blogs and forums are replete with examples of its failure as a reliable operating system

·       Lenovo’s  Web site offers new laptops with  an XP downgrade DVD!

·       Olympics’ staff in China will use Windows XP for all mission-critical operations

I reiterate; how did I end up here?  More to the point, how did storied Microsoft end up here?