August 26, 2007

I woke this morning with only ONE thing on my mind and I really mean just one thing. I thought how neat it would be to empty my head and life of so many duplicate possessions and services. Stop and think about how stuff is taking over your life—call it the flotsam of middle age, or any age.

So I define a new concept: “ONE”

Imagine how your life might take on new purpose and clarity if you put the stuff in your life on the South Beach diet.

A quick inventory in my household reveals much room for simplification; I could pare down, for example:

One credit card
One bank account
One broker
One e-mail address
One blog !
One Web site
One pair of shoes (okay, now that’s drastic)
Ditto for undies
One set of dishes
One car
One bike
One girlfriend (don’t tell her)
One TV
One computer
One radio
One alarm clock
One book (improbable)
One photo of the family vacation
One hamburger

Call it editing life by carrying around in your head your ONE calculator and start slimming down, today. Well, I’m off to the store to buy one banana! Remember: “ONE”


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